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My name is Rhonda, I am from West Kelowna, B.C. My life has seen me wear many hats, from a flight attendant to a yoga teacher, but let me tell you how I have come to call myself a kombucha brewer.

It was through studying and teaching yoga that I have become concerned about what we put into our body. “Let food be thy medicine” is the principle I adopted many years ago. I started out by growing my own veggies and herbs, and cook meals for my family from scratch.

After becoming acquainted with the The Weston A. Price Foundation and its nutrition guidelines I learned about the importance of fermented foods in our diet. I believe healthy gut flora is essential to the overall well-being, as well as a crucial factor in a healthy conception. Several years ago my experiments began. At first I'd make kefir, sour cream, yoghurt from fresh milk, bake sourdough breads, ferment grains… I tried kombucha for the first time in 2013 and found in it a most nourishing drink that has become my passion and part of day-to-day life.

Being caffeine sensitive, I played around with the ingredient ratio and was able to scale back on the caffeine by 40% compared to the recipes that I started with. I was also able to cut the sugar content by one third. I obtained a business license in 2014 and now brew some 3,600 litres monthly, working out of my current home town of Kelowna. Last year my business won me the All Nations Trust Company Female Entrepreneur of the Year.

I look forward to sharing with you my brews - hand-crafted and made with love.


    5 star review  LOVE LOVE LOVE !!! All the flavours are made with so much ���

    thumb Stephanie Lee Thor

    5 star review  Rhonda's kombucha is delicious, fresh tasting, and not too strong of a flavor so is a good choice for people just getting into or trying out kombucha. She is also a wonderful lady, and I am so happy that some of our local markets support her. The hibiscus is my favorite one but all are great.

    thumb Reina Wishart

    5 star review  I wasn't a fan of kombucha until I tried Bliss Tea Kombucha. I. Am. Hooked, and so thankful it's sold in my small town. Being a celiac, I need these probiotics to help sort out my digestive health - BTK has become my go-to.

    thumb Kathleen Hafey

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